small animal services Millington, MI

Small Animals

Small Animal Medicine refers to the treatment and diagnosis of smaller animals, such as dogs and cats but also many other species of animals.

Our staff is highly trained and experienced in how to care for small animals like dogs and cats, as well as exotic and pocket pets. Working with animals is our passion and we strive to provide the highest level of care possible for your pets.

Dental Care Millington, MI

Pet Dental Care

Pet dental health is important to overall well-being but is still one of the most neglected aspects of caring for pets. Over time, plaque and tartar can begin to build upon the teeth and create an environment that can cause a wide variety of dental issues. Without proper dental care, pets can develop serious problems ranging from gum disease and tooth loss to heart conditions stemming from oral issues. Our staff at Care Veterinary Services in the Millington and Vassar areas, provide expert dental services for your pets.

When Should You Take Your Pet for Dental Checkups?

Starting from the time you adopt your pet or from the time they are born, they should receive regular yearly dental checkups. In addition, it is also recommended to regularly have their teeth cleaned once or twice per year to reduce the incidence of decay, tartar, and infection. These appointments can also detect other potentially serious problems early on, so treatment can be provided right away. Your veterinarian can provide you with additional treatment recommendations upon rendering their services to help you and your pet get the most out of your time and risk fewer dental problems later on. Additionally, if you suspect that your pet is having a dental issue or emergency, you should call right away to seek appropriate care.

We Care About Our Patients

We care about your pets and want them to get the best care possible so they can look and feel their best. We also value our relationship with pet parents, which is why we strive to provide expert services and answer any questions you may have about treatments and veterinarian recommendations. Pet dental care is just one of the many services we offer including surgery and a variety of medical services for both small pets and horses. This way, you can have your pet receive care from an all in one clinic with state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled technicians.

Call to Schedule an Appointment

If you are looking for a full-service veterinarian clinic for your small pet or horse, you should call or stop by the Care Veterinary Services location to schedule an appointment or to get more information about products or services you need to care for your pet. You can call us today at 989-871-1157.

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Surgery Millington, MI

Pet Surgery

Just like people, pets experience a number of health problems as well. When someone goes to visit the vet, he or she might be surprised to hear that their loved one is going to require surgery. This can be a scary proposition and it is important for everyone to know that there are medical providers who are willing to lend a helping hand. The team from Care Veterinary Services in Millington is here to help everyone learn about how a trained and licensed veterinarian can provide proper surgical care to a pet in need.

Why Might a Pet Need Surgery?

There are a number of reasons why a pet might need surgery. Sometimes, pets suffer a serious injury that requires surgical correction. This might include a ligament or tendon tear. This could even include a broken bone that might be displaced. In some cases, pets have a serious illness that requires surgery. Sometimes, this takes the form of a tumor that might be growing inside of a pet's body or s blockage in the intestines. A trained vet surgeon can remove this tumor or cause of the blockage and help the pet recover. These are only a few of the many reasons why a pet might need surgery.

What Happens During Pet Surgery?

A veterinarian will begin by explaining the procedure, covering why it is necessary and what to expect. Our vet will take the time to answer any questions pet owners have about the procedure. Once a pet is taken into an operating room, his vitals will be closely monitored as he is put under anesthesia and the operation is performed. Once the procedure is done, the pet will be taken to the recovery area and will wake up in a safe and calming environment.

Trust the Team at Care Veterinary Services in Millington

It can be scary for a pet owner to hear that his or her loved one might need surgery for an injury or illness. It is important for every pet owner to have access to a medical provider who can help with this situation. Our team at Care Veterinary Services is here to do exactly that. Our team works hard to stay up to date on the latest information in our field. We believe that continuing education is critical for making sure that pets receive appropriate medical care. We would be honored to do the same for you. To learn more about how we can help you and your family in Millington, call us today to schedule an appointment. We are here to help.

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Spay and Neuter Millington, MI

Spay and Neuter

Spaying and neutering are important and necessary medical procedures that enhance the quality of your pets' life. Not only does spaying and neutering have positive effects on your pets' health, it's also vital to controlling the homeless pet population.

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Vaccinations Millington, MI


Visiting a veterinary clinic for the first time with your dog or cat, you will be asked if they have had their shots. The veterinary staff is referring to vaccines that every puppy and kitten should have. They are also asking about any booster shots that may be necessary as your pet gets older.

What Do Vaccines Do?

Vaccines introduce antibodies into your pet's system that will help them fight off diseases that are known to be harmful to your dog or cat. These are just like the vaccinations that are given to human babies but the diseases are different. These vaccines help the body produce a defense system against the disease, helping your pet fight if they come into contact with it.

When Should I Get Vaccines?

Vaccines come in two categories, core and non-core. The best way to know when and which non-core vaccines are necessary is to talk with a veterinarian that you trust. These shots will depend upon what the needs are in your part of the country and your animal's health. For the core vaccines that are necessary for all dogs or cats, the schedule is a simple one.

Puppies and kittens have natural immunity from disease during their early weeks due to their mother's milk. Once weaned, at the age of six to eight weeks, it is time to start the core immunizations. Vaccines for canine parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis, and rabies are considered core vaccines. Vaccines for panleukopenia (feline distemper), feline calicivirus, feline herpesvirus type I (rhinotracheitis) and rabies are considered core vaccines.

For puppies, the first series of shots should be given at eight weeks. This is followed by two more doses by the time they are sixteen weeks old. Some shots will need boosters and your vet can tell you when that is necessary. An example of this is the rabies vaccine, which comes in one-year and three-year doses and are recommended over the entire course of your pet's life.

For kittens, a first dose will be given at eight weeks and then two more doses at four-week intervals. Again, they need boosters throughout their lives every one to three years.

It isn't possible to give all the doses to your wee one all at once. First, too much of the vaccine at once can cause harm to your pet. Secondly, your puppy or kitten needs time for its system to build up an immunity to the particular disease. This can only be done slowly. By spreading out the doses, you allow their bodies the time needed to adapt.

How Care Veterinary Services in Millington Can Help

Contact us today to see if your pet is updated on all its vaccines. We offer all the core shots and more. Vaccines now can keep your little one happy and healthy for years to come.

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Wellness Exams Millington, MI

Pet Wellness Exams

Adopting a pet can be very rewarding, but it is also a lot of work. There is a lot of responsibility involved in pet ownership. When you bring your new pet home, one of the first things that you should do is schedule a pet wellness exam with Care Veterinary Services in Millington. The first appointment with a veterinarian is essential and it lays down a foundation of care that provides a healthy and happy life for your new furry friend.

Nose To Tail Exam

Your pet will need a nose to tail exam when you bring them home. Even if your pet is still a baby, having a complete exam is essential. If your pet has any underlying conditions, they will be diagnosed during this exam so that we can begin treatment. If you have adopted an older pet, the nose to tail exam is even more important.


Your pet will need to be vaccinated if they are going to remain healthy. If your pet is a baby, they will need their first round of shots, and then boosters in three weeks to a month. If your pet is older, they will still need a yearly rabies shot and anything else that is recommended by your veterinarian. During the pet wellness exam, your pet can receive any vaccinations they need.


It is a good idea to have your pet microchipped. During this procedure, your veterinarian will implant a tiny chip under your pet's skin. The chip will contain a number that coincides with a number in the database that will include your name, your pet's name, and your contact information. If your pet has any medical conditions or is on medication, this will also be in the system. Should your pet got lost or stolen, the microchip will help you reunite with your pet quickly.

Spaying and Neutering

If your new pet has not been spayed or neutered, you can discuss it with the vet during your pet's wellness exam. There are many health benefits associated with spaying and neutering. Your vet can discuss the benefits and the procedure with you.

Weight Checks and Diet Recommendations

According to several studies, pet obesity is a very serious issue. According to a 2018 study, 59.9 percent of cats and 55.8 percent of dogs have been classified as overweight. Pet obesity can result in heart disease, diabetes, and hip and leg issues. During your pet's wellness check, the vet will check their weight. If your pet is overweight or underweight, your vet can give you diet and exercise advice to get your pet down to a healthy weight. If this is your first pet, your vet can give you dietary recommendations so that you don't need to worry about your pet becoming obese.

Vet Care in Millington

When you adopt a pet, you should schedule a vet care visit with Care Veterinary Services in Millington. Our veterinarian will give your pet a complete exam and answer any questions that you may have about their care, diet, or behavior. To schedule an appointment, call us today at (989) 871-1157.

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