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Comprehensive Vet Care


Staff with Horse and DogAn important part of caring for a pet is providing it with routine vet care. Regular vet visits can keep a pet healthy and well as your pals get older. If you are a pet owner, contact Care Veterinary Services in Millington to make an appointment with our veterinarian for a comprehensive wellness exam.

Read on to learn more about the examinations, the services offered at our practice, and why it is important to get routine checkups for your pets.


General Overview Regarding Comprehensive Examinations

During a routine examination, our veterinarian will check over your pet’s entire body for potential problems that may require vet care. Your pet’s weight and temperature will be documented, and his or her heart and lungs will be listened to. Our veterinarian will discuss with you about the importance of vaccinating your pet and may administer some during your animal’s appointment. Dietary concerns and health issues can be addressed during this appointment as well.


Services We Provide At Our Veterinary Practice in Millington, Michigan

Our veterinarian offers a variety of services to keep your dog or cat as healthy as possible. In addition to comprehensive examinations, we provide vaccines, micro-chipping, dental cleanings, preventative care, parasite control, and routine pet wellness plans. We handle surgical procedures for pets as well. This includes spaying and neutering, mass removal, and gastrointestinal surgeries.


Why It Is Important To Get Routine Examinations for Your Pet

Your pet is unable to convey his or her thoughts to you vocally. Many animals will mask symptoms of an underlying problem, making it difficult for their owners to recognize that they are in need of medical help. When you bring your pet to our veterinarian, your companion animal’s problem will be addressed and treated promptly. In many cases, finding the cause right away can make a difference for your animal, and can subdue symptoms of the condition before it has a chance to escalate any further.


Quality Vet Care Your Pet Needs

Give Care Veterinary Services in Millington a call today to set up a comprehensive exam appointment for your furry friend. Reach out to our professional veterinary staff by dialing (989) 871-1157. We look forward to providing your pets with the care that they need to keep them happy and healthy throughout their life.