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Seasonal Exams with an Equine Veterinarian


Horse with FoalSpring is an excellent time to schedule an annual examination with your vet. Our veterinarian will get your horse up to date on vaccinations and check its fecal egg count to determine deworming steps. Additionally, the vet will check your horse's teeth to ensure good dental health. Vaccination, deworming, and dental cleanings are the top three preventative measures to take when you're concerned about your horse's health.


Vaccinations Typically Start at Six Months Old

Vaccines protect against West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Rhinitis, Influenza Clads, Tetanus, Rabies, and more. The first is a series of three vaccines, typically starting at six months. The veterinarian administers the second dose three to four weeks later. The third final vaccination is 60 to 90 days later. After that, horses get six months to yearly boosters.



Combating worms is an ongoing process. Parasites are an unfortunate fact of life, and horses depend on deworming to keep them in optimal health. These days the vet checks the animal's feces to determine a course of action. It's essential to administer the right dosage or even forgo treatment longer than eight weeks to keep the parasites from developing an immunity to the vaccine.


Dental Exams

Horses have hypsodont teeth. To put it simply, this means that the teeth continually erupt (push up through the gums) throughout their lifetime. Their teeth are for grinding and naturally wear down from all the chewing. They also tend to break off, causing sharp points. Unfortunately, the process can cause sores in your horse's mouth, making it difficult for them to chew without pain.

During the seasonal checkup, an equine veterinarian will check a horse's teeth to determine if they need care. Typically, the vet will perform a procedure known as floating in which they smooth out those rough surfaces.


Try Care Veterinary Services Wellness Plan for Horses

Your horse's health and well-being are our priority at Care Veterinary Services. That's why we offer our Equine Wellness Plan that includes yearly vaccines, three fecal exams, a dental float, and more. If you live in or around Millington, call our equine veterinarian at Care Veterinary Services at (989) 871-1157 to schedule your horse’s seasonal exam today.