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Equine Wellness


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Equine Wellness Plan Includes:

  • Yearly Vaccines
  • Dental Float
  • 3 Fecal exams a year
  • Exam with vaccines and dental float

Vaccines Included in Wellness Package:

Vetera Gold Vaccine
Protects against West Nile Virus, Eastern & Western Encephalitis, Rhinitis, Influenza Clads 1 & 2, Tetanus)

Potomac & Rabies combo vaccine


  • No exam charge for dental and vaccine appointments
  • 10% Rebate on all transactions (Rebate will be applied at next visit)


** If extra sedation is necessary for dental cleaning
** If vaccine booster is necessary
** Farm call is not included in cost

Must Use credit card or cash: Care Credit/scratch Pay not accepted for wellness packages